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Connect with peers to fine-tune your strategy, discover trends, and learn best practices.


Remove any roadblocks to reducing emissions by crowd-sourcing possible solutions inside our community of problem solvers.


Connect with solution providers on concrete actions your company can take toward meeting your goals.

Take Aim at Your Emissions

13-14 June in London

Exchange ideas with other companies on the path to decarbonization and discover solutions with interactive breakouts, workshops, and plenty of time for networking built in.

What We’ll Learn Together

During the event, we’ll dig into what it really takes to achieve a carbon-free future with sessions focused on market trends, emerging challenges, and new opportunities on the renewable energy horizon.

Challenges & Solutions

Take advantage of the opportunity to exchange ideas, tackle challenges, and discuss the rapidly changing renewable energy landscape with experts. Discover solutions with interactive breakouts and workshops tailored to both foundational and advanced topics.

Renewable Energy Markets

As the European Union (EU) continues to push for sustainability and renewable energy adoption, the landscape of the renewable energy PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) market is evolving at a rapid pace. Our experts review which markets are ripe for renewable energy investment, best practices for transacting in new markets, how to create a strategy to tackle a global energy footprint, and more.

Power Purchase Agreements

As your company’s 2030 targets draw ever closer, it’s time to accelerate your renewable energy procurement strategy. Corporate buyers and PPA “sellers” will discuss key drivers and constraints, risk management strategies, as well as how negotiations are impacted by the varied considerations at play in the market.

Scope 3 Emissions

With supply chain emissions averaging 11.4 times higher than operational emissions, decarbonizing supply chains is one of the most significant climate actions a company can take. We’ll explore the emerging and effective strategies that have proven to impact supplier engagement and clean energy investments across the value chain.


During this two-day event, we’ll explore new methods for deploying renewables that can accelerate your company’s decarbonization and adoption of clean technology. We’re still finalizing the agenda details, but check back soon and more information will be available.

  • 7:30 – 10:00

    Registration Open

    8:30 – 10:00

    Buyer’s Bootcamp

    • (Optional) Buyers Bootcamp 2024

      Gardens 1-3

      A session specifically designed for corporate buyers to network and learn from one another. This workshop-style event will involve breakout sessions, allowing attendees to choose topics of interest and relevance within the renewable power procurement space and exchange your take on challenges and solutions to advance your respective energy transition journeys – whether you’re new to corporate sourcing or looking to take your strategy to the next level, there’s something for everyone!

    10:15 – 11:00

    Opening Session

    • Are You Ready for 2030?

      Gardens 1-3

      As your company’s 2030 targets draw ever closer, it’s time to accelerate your renewable energy procurement strategy. Includes a state of the RE market in Europe, trends and tactics for moving faster and maximizing impact.

      Laura Eve – Vice President, Zeigo

    11:15 – Noon

    Breakout Session #1

    • Option 1A: Transacting in Emerging Markets

      Gallery 3

      Get the bigger picture of how corporations create actionable strategies to tackle a global footprint and some insights into deal specifics.

    • Option 1B: The Benefits and Challenges of DPPAs

      Gallery 4

      Corporate buyers of Direct PPAs (DPPAs) lock in energy rates for renewable energy purchased and earn the straightforward, compelling story of how their company runs on clean electricity. Learn more about the benefits and challenges of DPPAs, and whether they could be right for your business.

    • Option 1C: Key Motivators for Signing a PPA

      Gallery 5

      Corporate buyers and PPA “sellers” will be exchanging perspectives on their key drivers and constraints: hedging, financing, sustainability, accounting, profitability, etc. We will also be discussing how PPA negotiations are impacted by such different considerations.

    Noon – 13:00

    Lunch and Networking Break

    13:00 – 13:45

    Mainstage Session

    • Software-enabled Decarbonization

      Gardens 1-3

      Goodbye spreadsheets and hello IT: the sustainability software market is booming. As companies shift from voluntary disclosure to meeting regulatory requirements for auditable ESG data, sustainability practitioners are challenged to identify, evaluate, procure and navigate new software systems. Learn how to get sustainability software right the first time through effective due diligence, collaboration with tech support, clear information architecture and the right level of customization.

    13:45 – 14:30

    Networking Break and Software Demos

    14:30 – 15:30

    Breakout Session #2

    • Option 2A: Multi-buyer PPAs

      Gallery 2

      This is an emerging landscape of corporate renewable energy sourcing. Questions we’ll discuss: Go it alone or do it with others? How does it work exactly? What market does it address? Does it lower the risk? What are the benefits?

    • Option 2B: Onsite Decarbonization

      Gallery 3

      Onsite solar installations play a key role in an organization’s decarbonization strategy. They provide Energy Attributes Certificates (EACs) and savings, but they also communicate a visual commitment to renewable energy. Join this session to exchange ideas, challenges and pathways to success with other companies adopting onsite solar or considering it.

    • Option 2C: Accounting for PPAs: Challenges and Solutions

      Gallery 4

      Join this session to exchange tips for navigating the minefield of derivative accounting, hedge accounting, lease accounting, and more.

    15:40 – 16:40

    Mainstage Session

    • Decarbonizing Scope 3: Building a Successful Supply Chain Renewables Program

      Gardens 1-3

      An increasing number of effective strategies have been proven to overcome hurdles in supplier engagement, clean energy investment, and more. (1) Things we’re learning a few years in and (2) emerging challenges that companies are recognizing.

    17:30 – 22:00

    Zeigo Network Live Social!

    • Rooftop Barbeque and Entertainment

      Tower Suites Rooftop

      Join us at Tower Suites, located a gem stone’s throw from London’s world-renowned heritage sites and iconic landmarks, and conveniently located next to some of the city’s best-connected stations. Our ZNL social will overlook the Tower of London and is just moments away from the conference hotel, UK’s financial heartland and London’s renowned business and entertainment districts.

  • 8:00 – 9:00

    Registration Open

    9:00 – 10:00

    Mainstage Session

    • What the Changing Policy Environment Means for Your Energy Procurement Strategy

      Gardens 1-3

      How are energy and sustainability reporting policy changes, particularly CSRD, influencing renewable energy procurement? Hear from our experts on how the fast-changing policy environment is impacting sustainability strategy and renewable energy investment.

    10:00 – 10:30

    Networking Break and Software Demos

    10:30 – 11:30

    Breakout Session #3

    • Option 3A: How to Champion High-quality, High-impact Carbon Credits

      Gallery 3

      Meeting net-zero targets by 2050 requires the continued pursuit of all flexible mechanisms, including the global carbon markets. We need all types of greenhouse gas emission reduction projects deployed — avoidance, conservation, nature-based solutions, and new carbon removal technologies.

    • Option 3B: Managing Performance and Risk Post PPA Signature

      Gallery 5

      Once the dust has settled after the PPA-signing party, is the real work only just beginning? In this session, we discuss some of the common hurdles that can arise post-PPA signature, and how to respond to them when they happen.

    11:30 – 13:00

    Lunch and ‘Table Topic Workshops’

    13:00 – 14:00

    Breakout Session #4

    • Option 4A: Emerging Markets: US Tax Credit Transfer

      Gallery 3

      What can Europe learn about the US Inflation Reduction Act- how it’s unlocking new renewable avenues

    • Option 4B: Impact vs. Additionality

      Gallery 5

      Learn how to ensure that renewable energy procurement maximizes climate change impact while simultaneously driving meaningful progress toward your goals.

    14:15 – 15:00

    Mainstage Session

    • Responsible Renewables

      Gardens 1-3

      Though clean energy buying has become somewhat commonplace for large corporations, a focus on the responsibility of those renewable energy projects is less widespread. What does that mean? Simply, there are some ways of procuring renewable energy that are more environmentally and socially sustainable than others.

    15:00 – 16:00

    Farewell Reception

    • Goodbye Drinks & Wrap-Up

      Hotel Bar

      Join us for a farewell cocktail as you say goodbye to people you connected with during the event. Don’t forget to exchange contact information before departing!

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