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In Conversation with BloombergNEF: Key Takeaways and Burning Questions

In October, Helen Dewhurst from BloombergNEF joined Meghan McIntyre of Zeigo Power in our most popular webinar to date to discuss BNEF’s latest report 1H 2023 European Corporate PPA Price Survey and delve into the trends we’re seeing in European PPA markets. Despite challenges faced by both buyers and sellers of corporate energy, one overarching theme is clear, the PPA industry is ripe for growth. In this blog we’ll review the key messages from this discussion and answer some of the most asked about questions from attendees.

A Route to Immediate and Impactful Decarbonization with Short Term PPAs

Recently there has been significant volatility in European power markets which has increased both buyer hesitancy and interest in PPAs. At the same time, as 2025 and 2030 decarbonization targets loom, sustainability strategies are coming to the forefront of buyer motivations rather than being secondary to hedging potential. As the market has faced significant change, … Continued

A Streamlined PPA Tendering Process Through Zeigo Power

The team at Zeigo Power has been keeping a close watch on the impacts of the war in Ukraine on energy markets throughout Europe. As we have reported in our 2023 State of the European Renewable Energy Market Report, consumers in Europe are still enduring unprecedented price volatility. Though 2023 began with markets declining from highs witnessed … Continued