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A Primer on the Electricity and Natural Gas Markets in the Philippines 

Deregulating the power market  The Philippines has been making big strides in opening its electricity market to make its energy sector more dynamic and competitive. A key step in this journey was the establishment of the Independent Electricity Market Operator of the Philippines (IEMOP) in 2018. It took over running the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market … Continued

Zeigo Awarded BEST Software & Cloud Implementation

A Testament to Excellence The distinction of Zeigo by Environment+Energy Leader signifies a remarkable achievement in the field. Jessica Hunt, Co-President of E+E Leader, expresses her admiration for this year’s winners: “The introduction of six distinct categories in this year’s awards program not only celebrates the breadth of innovation within the industry but also highlights … Continued

Building Your Decarbonization Roadmap

Developing a successful decarbonization roadmap can be likened to planning an expedition to summit a challenging peak, like Mount Everest. To achieve your goals, it is essential to establish a roadmap, complete with key milestones that serve as trail markers. This is crucial and will ensure that every team member knows how to measure progress … Continued

Why and How You Should Measure Your Carbon Emissions From the Get-Go

Measuring carbon emissions might seem “optional”, but you’ll gain significant advantages from it in the short and long-term. Here, we give you a step-by-step outline of why collecting carbon emissions data is important, and how to measure it most effectively. Measuring your carbon emissions now Beginning today will benefit you today It’s never too early … Continued

Software for a Carbon-Free Future: A Podcast Miniseries

Today, businesses worldwide face considerable hurdles in implementing sustainable practices such as setting ambitious but realistic targets, implementing electricity optimization, and managing upstream emissions. It’s complicated for most companies to calculate their total emissions and identify effective methods to lessen them according to scientific principles and standards. We know that many sustainability leaders find the … Continued

Listen: How Software will Transform and Accelerate Supply Chain Decarbonization

Meet Dave Rimkus & Vishnu Nair Vishnu, Operations Head at Zeigo Activate, has over 12 years of experience in product leadership at Schneider Electric. His responsibilities in new product development and evolution from both engineering and product management perspectives have led to close collaboration with supply chains in diverse regions. He has been instrumental in … Continued

Listen: Increasing Access to Renewable Energy Through Software

Meet Katie Mills & Meghan Mclntyre Katie Mills is a seasoned professional in the field of renewables, particularly in emerging markets. With a background in identifying investment opportunities in sustainable spaces, she embarked on her journey at Schneider Electric four years ago. Initially joining as the Head of Innovation and Sustainability in the UK and … Continued

Listen: Building Communities & Decarbonizing Enterprises with Software

Meet Ian Lawrence Ian has been a part of Schneider Electric for 14 years, starting out in energy before transitioning to renewables in 2015. His journey to renewables began with auditing third-party invoices in the natural gas market before moving into power and eventually assisting renewable energy developers in approaching corporate buyers. Despite many of … Continued

Listen: Making the Case for Enterprise Decarbonization Software

Meet Laura Eve Laura is a trailblazing leader with 12 years of dedicated experience at Schneider Electric, where she is focused on advancing carbon-free solutions. Currently serving as the Vice President of Zeigo, Laura brings a wealth of industry expertise in decarbonization. Her background at Schneider Electric has uniquely positioned her as a knowledgeable leader … Continued