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Zeigo Network Live! ZNL 2024 Recap

The Zeigo Network Live London 2024 event was a pivotal gathering for industry leaders, sustainability enthusiasts, and solution providers, all geared towards accelerating renewable energy adoption and decarbonization. The two-day event was packed with insightful sessions, interactive workshops, and ample networking opportunities, providing a platform for attendees to fine-tune their strategies, exchange ideas, and discover concrete actions for achieving a carbon-free future.

Set against the backdrop of London’s iconic landmarks, central London provided the perfect setting for the event. Attendees could take advantage of the ZNL social overlooking the Tower of London and engage in networking opportunities within the city’s renowned business and entertainment districts.

Overall, the Zeigo Network Live London 2024 event was a dynamic platform for industry players to collaborate, learn, and drive actionable steps towards a sustainable, decarbonized future. By bringing together experts, solution providers, and corporate leaders, the event facilitated critical discussions and paved the way for accelerated renewable energy adoption and decarbonization strategies.

Thank you so much to the Zeigo Network community for joining us! See you soon!

Connecting and Collaborating

Attendees had the opportunity to connect with peers, exchange ideas, and fine-tune their decarbonization strategies. The event provided a platform for problem solvers to crowd-source solutions, remove roadblocks, and explore innovative approaches to reducing emissions.

Exploring Renewable Energy

As companies approach their 2030 targets, the event provided a platform for corporate buyers and PPA “sellers” to discuss key drivers, risk management strategies, and negotiation considerations in the evolving market. It was an opportunity to gain insights into accelerating renewable energy procurement strategies and navigating the varied considerations at play in the market.

Decarbonizing Value Chains

Recognizing the significance of decarbonizing a company’s entire value chain, the event explored emerging strategies that impact supplier engagement and clean energy investments across the value chain. With supply chain emissions averaging significantly higher than operational emissions, these discussions were instrumental in addressing one of the most significant climate actions for companies.

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