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Listen: Building Communities & Decarbonizing Enterprises with Software

Meet Ian Lawrence Ian has been a part of Schneider Electric for 14 years, starting out in energy before transitioning to renewables in 2015. His journey to renewables began with auditing third-party invoices in the natural gas market before moving into power and eventually assisting renewable energy developers in approaching corporate buyers. Despite many of … Continued

Supporting Decarbonization Efforts in Every Link of Your Supply Chain

HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEWOCTOBER 02, 2023 Every day, more organizations are joining the global effort to mitigate climate change by implementing ambitious sustainability initiatives and practices. Many are embracing the framework established by the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol, a set of global standards that outlines three scopes to measure, manage, and reduce carbon emissions. While many … Continued

Decarbonizing Supply Chains Through Aggregated PPAs

As world leaders met for COP27, it was already clear that alongside reducing emissions, the energy transition must consider how to mitigate power market volatility. While nuanced, Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are one avenue to provide long term stability to energy price fluctuations while enhancing sustainability performance. PPAs are an energy contract between an offtaker … Continued