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Multi-Technology and “Portfolio” PPAs – An Emerging Trend

Multi Buyer PPAs; Multi Seller PPAs – how about Multi-Technology PPAs? Whilst the concept arguably still remains in its infancy, the past 12 months or so have seen an interesting uptick in the number of multi-technology PPA offers submitted through the Zeigo Power Platform for our corporate client RFPs. What is a Multi-Technology and “Portfolio” … Continued

Watch: Pathways Toward Grid Decarbonization

Explore the pivotal questions at the forefront of our transition to a sustainable future Zeigo and Schneider Electric recently joined forces to host a half-day virtual workshop exploring new ways to deepen the impact of corporate clean energy initiatives. In the first session, Pathways Toward Grid Decarbonization, our experts explored the challenges and opportunities presented … Continued

Have We Made Renewables Too Complicated?

Why is it still so difficult to purchase power from clean energy sources?  The demand for renewables is growing, and corporate energy buyers have made it clear that they want more of their electricity to come from traceable carbon-free sources. This is evident by the climbing number of RE100 members, totaling over 400 companies. In response, … Continued

Renewable Developer Account Manager

Job Description Within the Zeigo Network, the Customer Success Team is responsible for managing accounts of both Corporate and Solution Provider Members. This includes performing a liaison role in delivery of consulting services for renewable energy developers, interpreting and delivering pertinent market data, and owning the relationship to ensure customer satisfaction. This team is also … Continued

Software for a Carbon-Free Future: A Podcast Miniseries

Today, businesses worldwide face considerable hurdles in implementing sustainable practices such as setting ambitious but realistic targets, implementing electricity optimization, and managing upstream emissions. It’s complicated for most companies to calculate their total emissions and identify effective methods to lessen them according to scientific principles and standards. We know that many sustainability leaders find the … Continued

Listen: How Software will Transform and Accelerate Supply Chain Decarbonization

Meet Dave Rimkus & Vishnu Nair Vishnu, Operations Head at Zeigo Activate, has over 12 years of experience in product leadership at Schneider Electric. His responsibilities in new product development and evolution from both engineering and product management perspectives have led to close collaboration with supply chains in diverse regions. He has been instrumental in … Continued

Listen: Building Communities & Decarbonizing Enterprises with Software

Meet Ian Lawrence Ian has been a part of Schneider Electric for 14 years, starting out in energy before transitioning to renewables in 2015. His journey to renewables began with auditing third-party invoices in the natural gas market before moving into power and eventually assisting renewable energy developers in approaching corporate buyers. Despite many of … Continued

Listen: Making the Case for Enterprise Decarbonization Software

Meet Laura Eve Laura is a trailblazing leader with 12 years of dedicated experience at Schneider Electric, where she is focused on advancing carbon-free solutions. Currently serving as the Vice President of Zeigo, Laura brings a wealth of industry expertise in decarbonization. Her background at Schneider Electric has uniquely positioned her as a knowledgeable leader … Continued