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Is it a Good Time to get a CPPA in the UK?

Russell Reading, Head of Decarbonisation and Energy Markets for Zeigo Power speaks on why it’s a good time to get a CPPA in the UK. Interest from Corporates in a CPPA as a route to decarbonising their electricity supply continues at a high level – but is now a good time to tender? The simple … Continued

Multi-Technology and “Portfolio” PPAs – An Emerging Trend

Multi Buyer PPAs; Multi Seller PPAs – how about Multi-Technology PPAs? Whilst the concept arguably still remains in its infancy, the past 12 months or so have seen an interesting uptick in the number of multi-technology PPA offers submitted through the Zeigo Power Platform for our corporate client RFPs. What is a Multi-Technology and “Portfolio” … Continued

Watch: Pathways Toward Grid Decarbonization

Explore the pivotal questions at the forefront of our transition to a sustainable future Zeigo and Schneider Electric recently joined forces to host a half-day virtual workshop exploring new ways to deepen the impact of corporate clean energy initiatives. In the first session, Pathways Toward Grid Decarbonization, our experts explored the challenges and opportunities presented … Continued

Have We Made Renewables Too Complicated?

Why is it still so difficult to purchase power from clean energy sources?  The demand for renewables is growing, and corporate energy buyers have made it clear that they want more of their electricity to come from traceable carbon-free sources. This is evident by the climbing number of RE100 members, totaling over 400 companies. In response, … Continued

From A to Zeigo: How Do We Incentivize New Renewables in the UK ?

Russell Reading, Head of Decarbonisation and Energy Markets for Zeigo Power speaks on the state of Renewables in the UK market. Many people agree that increasing renewable electricity generation on the UK Grid system is beneficial, despite concerns regarding energy costs, network issues, and managing intermittent technologies. However, these concerns must be addressed to achieve … Continued

Listen: Increasing Access to Renewable Energy Through Software

Meet Katie Mills & Meghan Mclntyre Katie Mills is a seasoned professional in the field of renewables, particularly in emerging markets. With a background in identifying investment opportunities in sustainable spaces, she embarked on her journey at Schneider Electric four years ago. Initially joining as the Head of Innovation and Sustainability in the UK and … Continued

In Conversation with BloombergNEF: Key Takeaways and Burning Questions

In October, Helen Dewhurst from BloombergNEF joined Meghan McIntyre of Zeigo Power in our most popular webinar to date to discuss BNEF’s latest report 1H 2023 European Corporate PPA Price Survey and delve into the trends we’re seeing in European PPA markets. Despite challenges faced by both buyers and sellers of corporate energy, one overarching theme is clear, the PPA industry is ripe for growth. In this blog we’ll review the key messages from this discussion and answer some of the most asked about questions from attendees.