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From A to Zeigo: How Do We Incentivize New Renewables in the UK ?

Russell Reading, Head of Decarbonisation and Energy Markets for Zeigo Power speaks on the state of Renewables in the UK market. Many people agree that increasing renewable electricity generation on the UK Grid system is beneficial, despite concerns regarding energy costs, network issues, and managing intermittent technologies. However, these concerns must be addressed to achieve … Continued

The Zeigo Guide: Part Two

Strategize Your Decarbonization Summit ICYMI: Read The Zeigo Guide, Part One here. Let’s move from planning to action! You’ve taken the bold step to embark on this journey, and now it’s crucial to strategize your approach. Picture us trekking through a steep, snowy path, braving each gust of freezing wind – that’s the resilience and … Continued

The Zeigo Guide: Part One

How Zeigo can help your business reach new heights Climbing Everest is not for the faint of heart. It requires immense physical and mental resilience, a clear vision, and a determination to succeed. Similarly, decarbonization – the process of reducing carbon emissions – is a major challenge most (if not all) businesses face today. But, … Continued

What Does It Mean To Be Net-Zero

…and how does net-zero regulation impact small and medium-sized enterprises? The United Nations set a goal to cut carbon emissions in half by 2030 and achieve “net-zero” by 2050. It may feel like these dates are eons away but they will come sooner than we think. It will take a formidable effort up and down … Continued

Answers to your most basic decarbonization questions

Sustainability offers a whole range of benefits for businesses, and decarbonization is a powerful business strategy to enable profitability and growth. However, just knowing carbon emissions isn’t enough; companies must take real action and demonstrate progress to their stakeholders.