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Listen: How Software will Transform and Accelerate Supply Chain Decarbonization

Meet Dave Rimkus & Vishnu Nair

Vishnu, Operations Head at Zeigo Activate, has over 12 years of experience in product leadership at Schneider Electric. His responsibilities in new product development and evolution from both engineering and product management perspectives have led to close collaboration with supply chains in diverse regions. He has been instrumental in implementing circular business models and product carbon foot printing.

Dave, Associate Director of Supply Chain Renewables at Schneider Electric, draws from his procurement and operations experience to head the supply chain decarbonization consulting team. His team mentors suppliers of large multinational corporations to adopt renewables and reduce their substantial scope three emissions.

Get Answers To:

  • Why is supply chain decarbonization becoming a crucial focus for business today?
  • What are some of the key challenges that software can address in the supply chain decarbonization efforts?
  • What are some examples of a successful engagement?

Listen to Episode 4

Episode Synopsis

To think of the way, we conducted business before the dawn of software technology, brings to mind the time-consuming methods of emails, phone calls, and in-person meetings. However, today, software is revolutionizing these traditional means by making it simpler and quicker to convey objectives to suppliers in an organized and scalable way.

An example of this is Zeigo Software, which is currently making waves in the pharmaceutical industry by facilitating communication between suppliers and the biggest pharma companies globally. This collaboration with 19 of the largest pharma giants is nearly transforming the industry. The reason behind this success is that many of these corporations share the same supplier base. Therefore, as Zeigo guides the suppliers into action, multiple pharma companies operating at the scope 3 level simultaneously experience positive outcomes and benefits.

To delve a little deeper, consider the case of Schneider Electric’s initiative called the 0 Carbon Project. This unique project requests volunteer suppliers from their network to commit to a target of slashing their operational emissions by half before the year 2025. Last year, this proposition drew in roughly a thousand suppliers, most of which were surprisingly smaller corporations willing to lower their emissions, much like their bigger counterparts.

In an impressive show of how software aids business, the adoption of Zeigo software brought significant changes within just a few months. With this tool in their hands, hundreds of these smaller corporations rolled out efficiency programs in their HVAC systems. It clearly illustrates how, in the age of software, the path to progress and achieving ambitious goals has become streamlined and efficient.